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How To Pronounce Derby — A Guide For Clueless Americans

So the next time you’re talking about the Manchester Derby with friends, remember to pronounce it dur-bee like the Kentucky Derby, lest you slip into an English accent like a weirdo.

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Epsom Downs, near London, has had a derby race for three year old horses since 1780. The term later was applied to any important annual horse race (again usually for 3 year olds), as in the Kentucky Derby, but pronounced differently in the United States. Same spelling, same meaning, different pronunciation.

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Only pronounce it "darby" if you're in the UK, otherwise I suspect your US friends will either constantly be asking you to clarify what you mean, or they'll correct you.

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5 thoughts on “ I say Derby, you say Darby … Tom October 6, 2015 at 6:06 pm. Really I believe it’s the spelling that’s wrong in this case, Derby only recently in history (within the last 150 years or so) has had a change in spelling from ‘Darby’ or ‘Darbye’ so obviously anybody living locally or mentioning it with previous knowledge of the city would pronounce it as “Darby”.

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Derby (UK): learn how to pronounce Derby (UK) in English with the correct pronunciation approved by native linguists. Read about Derby (UK)

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Derby. Pronounced “darby,” this means a local rivalry game like Man City vs. Man U. Here’s a list of all the top derbies in English soccer this season. There is also a club called Derby County. Draw. Two meanings: a tie (like 2-2) and also how Cup fixtures are determined.

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In many countries the term local derby, or simply just derby (pronounced 'dar-bee' after the city of Derby although Australians pronounce it as 'der-bee') means a sporting fixture between two (generally local) rivals, particularly in association football.

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A new derby between Polish teams in the Zula Europe Pro League. Ese era mi ritual pre partido cuando jugábamos un derbi . This was my pre-match ritual when we were playing the Derby .