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Set screens against the zone, both inside and outside. Players should make cuts into the open areas, and look to the weak-side, or "back-door". You can design and use set plays against zones ( 2-3 Zone Offense Plays ), often taking advantage of screening either the backside of the zone (followed by a skip pass), or screening inside.

Zone Offense : Basic Concepts and Simple Scoring Plays

Zone offense is a specific type of basketball offense with the main purpose of creating scoring opportunities against zone defenses via the use of offensive actions such as screening, cutting, ball reversal, and dribble penetration.

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Clips of some pick and roll concepts that the most efficient zone offensive teams used last year.Twitter: @mwoodcock7If you enjoyed the video please leave a ...

Cutting Up a Zone Defense with the Milton Zone Attack

2 (instead of sliding through to the back side corner like he normally would) stops under the basket and pops back to the strong-side of the screen set by 4 for an open jump shot. 4 will screen the man who was just guarding him in the zone, typically the bottom man in a 2-3 zone. 1 reverse pivots and throws back to the 2 for a shot coming off of 4’s screen.

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O2 ball-screens the top right defender and O1 dribbles-hard around this screen for a pull-up jump-shot near the right elbow. O1 could also pass to O5 pinning inside, or to O4 in the corner. Counter for the Corner Trap A youth coach (7th graders) wrote in that he had a problem running this offense when the opponent aggressively trapped the corner pass.

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You can screen the zone. An effective method is to swing the ball to one side and then, as the zone shifts, back-screen the weakside of the zone. With any of these plays, if the play breaks down, O1 should recognize this and resume your usual zone offense. Also, an important part of any zone offense or zone play is offensive rebounding.

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ZONE OFFENSE - HIGH BALL SCREEN Jens Hakanowitz 05/23/2014. This zone offense can be run against a 2-3 zone. The ball reversal and basket cut forces a defensive shift and bump down. This gives the other big man a great chance to set a solid ball screen on the inside defender of the front line (X1) and the guard a drive to the basket. See More

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Ball screens in a zone can put pressure on the defense. If screening a top zone defender, the guard has to decide whether to go over the top, go under, or switch off to another player. Regardless, zone ball screen defense is often overlooked. Michigan Wolverines – SLOB Zone Chicago. Michigan uses a dribble handoff/ball screen combo against the zone here to create an overload on the right side.